FFCG is located in Meridian near Eagle & Ustick roads. With over 18 years of experience in cat rescue, I’ve come to realize how little we really understand about the need for feline grooming. I enjoy teaching people how to properly care for cats so they can live long, healthy lives. My cat handling skills range from those nice friendly felines to the feral alley cats. Now I present feline exclusive grooming, with training through the National Cat Groomer’s Institute.

How about a unique gift for your cat owner friends and family? You choose the amount. We will mail the gift certificate to you, you can pick up in person, or we can mail it in a Christmas card!

“Why should I groom my cat? He grooms himself all the time.” The reality is that cats “lick” themselves, creating dander and hairballs from the loose hair and skin. Did you know it’s their oily skin and dead hair that creates painful mats? It’s possible to keep your cats from becoming matted through regular home and professional grooming. I will help you!

Weekend and evening appointments available.

How It Works

Plan to drop off your cat in a carrier at your appointment time. Grooming services will take two or more hours to complete. I will call you once your kitty is ready to go home. If you are a new client, a brief assessment will take place before you leave to ensure your cat is handleable enough for the type of groom you are requesting. We are a flea-free salon. If your cat has fleas, let me know and I'll walk you through treatment options prior to coming for a groom.

Grooming Options:

All include: nail trim, degreasing and finishing shampoos, eye/ear/face clean, towel dry, blow dry, and comb out. Minor mat removal. Attention to stud tail and chin acne. 

Kitten Groom (6 mo. and younger) $40

Short Hair Groom starting at $55*

Long Hair Groom starting at $65*

Lion Cut or Modified Lion Cut starting at $85**

Nail Trim Only: $10*


Regular Groom Add-ons:

De-matting short hair $20

De-matting long hair $30

Pelt Removal $40**

Belly Shave $25**

Sanitary Shave $15*

Discounts are available to cats in foster through 501(c)3 non-profits. Contact me for more information.

* additional fees may be added for aggressive, old, or obese cats, as they typically take longer to groom due to their health and stress levels.

** shaves are only available for compliant cats at this time. Pelt removal will be provided once per cat. Regular home or professional grooming is encouraged instead to prevent a cat's pain and stress.

Have questions or wish to make an appointment? Call or text 208.477.1313